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The city of Angels has been treating me well. My life has not stopped for one minute and I don't know when my body is gonna say it's had enough. I've worked full days at work and come home to get ready to go out into the city that same night. I went to the Bloc Party at Hudson a couple of weeks ago and was intoxicated from 2pm till 1am. It was packed, hot and great. That was the kick off for Summer in the city. Since then, I have been trying to enjoy the sun and summer as much as possible. Pool parties, dancing with binki shapiro, the roosevelt, hiking to the hollywood sign, watching spanish boys grind on their guitars and new friends being made anywhere and everywhere. I don't remember LA being this entertaining when I lived here a couple of years ago, but I'm glad I'm back and L.A. is glad I'm back too. 



  1. Looks like a wild and fun night! Stay sharp. xoxo


  2. Damnn you make LA look way more fun than when I visited lol! Love these pics! :D

    daydream frenzy


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