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Flat me up

I've been busy, like always. Whats new? When long weeks drain me, I usually stay away from heels and if you are like me and lack height, then that's a problem. But thanks to my flatforms, I can happily add that height and still be comfortable! It's all about flatforms this summer for me. When it's too hot and too crazy of a day to wear heels, I'll be sporting my flatty-formsies. I have built up my lil collection and have a variety! All under $30! I'm the kind of person who prefers to blabber and brag about a good bargain rather than a "relevent" label that I may have purchased. That's just how I do. My strategy is: find a good bargain so you have more to spend. Best. Way. To. Live.
Goodwill Dress $7
U.O. Hat $10
Love Culture Flatforms $27
Sunglasses $3
My Own Jewelry designs
These GOJANE black sparkly flatforms were only $15
Prada Knockoffs! Only $25
I obviously had to get a second pair in another color. $15
Coral. Flatforms. YES. PLEASE. $20


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