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I'm getting really bad at updating my blog. My long absences are for good reasons though. I think I'm finally starting to adjust to my crazy work schedule so that means my jewelry shop will kick start again and boy do I have some exclusive pieces that I have been holdin out on y'all. Other than that, I have been getting to know LA more and more everyday. Food wise, I've got to say my latest venture to Dusty's left me pleased. Their variety of delicious mimosas and their truffle fries got me to my core! When truffle fries are on the menu, I get into my fat kid mode, truffle fries have possibly become a deadly weakness of mine so there you have it. And if you are vegan/vegetarian/carnivore then you NEED to eat at Sage Vegan Bistro in Echo Park. Their dinner menu is heavenly, I love their brazilian bowl so much that I haven't even tried venturing out to try something new. Thinking about it makes my popcorn so dissatisfying right now. One more place to check out, especially if you are out super late is The Standard 24/7 restaurant! It was 3am when I went and I decided to get one of their pizzas, I remember it had goat cheese and mushrooms and I was the happiest drunk person in there, and that says a lot. Those three are my latest ventures in LA cuisine, so if you are ever visiting LA then I say check one of those places to eat. 
I haven't only been stuffing my face with savory foods, but I have also been checking out shows, bar hopping, jumping in numerous pools, lounging under the sun and rescuing abandoned dogs. A day in the life man.  
Keep checking back for updates.  

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